Working with nature, rather than against it, is the central tenet of sustainable, organic and biodynamic farming. This includes utilizing nature’s army of beneficial life forms, rather than fighting against them. Insects, invertebrates, birds and mammals are all surprising little helpers in the production of healthy, wholesome crops of grapes and cider apples.

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Organic wines are becoming increasingly popular in the Italian wine industry, particularly as people become more aware of what is used to make the things that the consume and the effects that man-made chemicals can have on the human body.

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Joostenberg is a 5th generation family business situated in the Muldersvlei district of Stellenbosch. We have always practiced traditional mixed farming but have expanded over the years.

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There’s nothing new about organic wines. In fact, non-organic wines are the newer innovation, with the 20th Century introduction of pesticides and chemicals sprayed on the vines and added to the soil to help create better, healthier grapes. In earlier centuries, everything was organic!...