Kusafiri Organic Wines is an South African Organic wine producer with both USDA Organic and EU Organic Certification, which means we meet the strictest standards for producing organic wine. This type of certification requires a third-party inspecting both the vineyards and the winemaking facility. All our grapes are non-GMO wine grapes, grown without the use of conventional pesticides, synthetic fertilizers or any chemicals deemed harmful to the environment. Furthermore we aim to have minimal intervention during the winemaking process in our certified organic winemaking facility. This certification an philosophy prohibits the use of color, gluten, flavor or non-organic additives and preservatives.

"Kusafiri" is the Swahili word for JOURNEY. After meeting on their annual African Safaris, Klaas Coetzee and Sandro Bertuol became steadfast friends. Their journey into wines was as natural and organic as the sun-drenched landscape they explored together.

Kusafiri Organic wines is a small family owned winery on the foot of the Paardeberg, South Africa. We specialize in Organic, No Sulfur Added, Vegan Friendly wine. The reason for this is that Klaas is a firm believer that one should be kind to oneself as well as the environment, thus the reason starting with organic production as far back as 1999. As winemaker Klaas are passionate about making great environmentally friendly wines at affordable every day prices.

They're one of the few cellars making No Sulphur added wines in South Africa and definitely the only one focusing on this style of winemaking.

All wines not vegan?

In conventional winemaking theirs allot of proteins added to the wine to make it stable, such as egg whites, gelatin, casein (milk protein), or isinglass.  These are called fining agents.  At Kusafiri wines they don't need fining agents because of our quality grapes and unique process that we've developed over the years. 

Healh News - Healer Omar Botha

Any poison or pathogen that an ancestor has carried can end up in our livers before we’re born. Exposure to mercury, aluminum, copper, and other toxins (most commonly pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides) early on in a child’s life, or even passed down via egg, sperm, or in utero, can lead to a sluggish, stagnant liver from the start. So instead of being born with our livers functioning at 100% like they were in indigenous cultures centuries ago, or even 90 or 95% as they were in more recent history, the average healthy person today is born with a liver running at 70% at best. Since we don’t learn how to care for our livers, that percentage gradually drops over the course of someone’s lifetime, for some more quickly than others, depending on exposures. Early liver trouble translates to many of the mystery health conditions that arise in babies and children. This includes acid reflux, gastric distress, eczema and psoriasis, unexplained constipation, stomach pain, intestinal spasms, gastritis, Crohn’s disease and colitis, IBS, early mono, strep throat, ear infections, acne, bronchitis, random rashes with pustules, mysterious boils, hives, random swollen glands, fever, and blisters. Even unexplained irritability, anger, frustration, and tantrums in young ones. The liver starving for glucose can also get little ones very cranky, with low blood sugar episodes, fatigue, and seemingly random tiredness.

Antioxidants in organic wine reduce free radical damage and inflammation, both of which commonly underpin cognitive decline and neurodegenerative diseases.