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From this vantage point, endless panoramic views stretch out over our vineyards to reveal the valley below, framed by rugged mountain peaks and dotted with lush, green farms.

Traditionally, Elgin has been renowned for its apple and pear production. Thanks to the combination of high altitude and cool climate conditions, diverse soils and a multitude of micro-climate sites, Elgin’s terroir is also ideal for wine production. Over the past few decades, the Elgin wine valley has firmly established itself as an exceptional appellation both locally and internationally.

At 282 metres above sea level, Elgin Ridge is blessed with cold winters and warm summers – ideal growing conditions for vineyards. With the Atlantic Ocean lying just on the other side of the mountain, our farm is fanned by cooling coastal breezes which help to moderate temperatures even further. This cool climate effect results in a longer ripening period, which makes for perfectly balanced, elegant and expressive wines.

A pioneering spirit has always prevailed at Elgin Ridge, the only certified organic wine producer in Elgin and one of just two certified biodynamic wine producers in South Africa. Our philosophy of organic and biodynamic wine, made naturally, begins in the vineyard and ends in the bottle. Every bottle that displays the Elgin Ridge name truly represents our passion for sustainability and dedication to quality.


Outstanding Natural Wines of Authenticity

From the very beginning, our objective was to farm organically. This decision was championed by Marion right from the start, who was committed to farming in a way that is sustainable and truly reflective of the site. For Marion, organic was always the only option.

Today, Elgin Ridge is proudly certified biodynamic by Demeter (since 2016) and certified organic by ECOCERT (since 2012). We are the only certified organic producer in the Elgin valley. In the cellar, the talented young winemaker Kosie van der Merwe – at the helm of our cellar since 2016 – follows a philosophy of minimal intervention, ensuring that the flavours and characteristics so carefully nurtured in the vineyard are showcased in the wines he produces.

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